Susanna Hoffman



Susanna Hoffman
High Concept: Channel for Nephythys

Susanna Hoffman was born in the small West virginian town of Grantville, the daughter of a Cola Miner and a school teacher. Her early childhood was that of a typical girl, soccer player, cheerleader, and musician (flute) with decent grades. All this changed on her 14th birthday.

Susanna was walking home from school, passing by the Pennsy Coal Mine where her father worked, when a explosion rocked the mine site. A few minutes afterwords, to Susanna’s horror, the mine shaft collapsed, trapping the miners,
including her father, deep beneath the Earth’s surface.

Unknown to Susanna, her magic awoke that day, and she found herself wreathed in the flames of Nephythys, the Phoenix Goddess. She literally melted her way through the rock and twisted metal, down to the main mine level, where she then cooled her newly made passageway, and began to magically lift the unconscious miners to safety.

By the time Emergency Services had arrived on scene, all the miners had been saved, and Susanna sat at the bottom of the shaft, unconscious. Before reporters could run with the story of the ‘Girl on Fire’ and her miraculous rescue of the miners, Agents of the Federal Government covered the entire event up, with the assistance of both the Pennsy Mining Company, and the United Mine Workers of America.

Word of Susanna did however reach the ears of Sadie and Carter Kane, in the House of Life. The two siblings soon made a trip to West Virginia, where they met with Susanna. Realizing she was a danger to her family, Susanna left her home in the middle of the night, and moved to Brooklyn House with the Kanes, to learn about her newfound abilities.

Susanna Hoffman

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